Moving insurance

Despite our best efforts and care, occasionally damage or loss will be incurred during a move. However, Links Moving has negotiated excellent terms and conditions with reputable international insurance specialist underwriters to give you the protection you need for your possessions.

Moving “ALL RISK” Insurance Coverage

Given the nature of moving, we cannot completely guarantee that there will be no damage during transit. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you fully protect your entire shipment by taking our “ALL RISK” insurance coverage. Insuring your shipment will not only compensate you in the event of loss or damage, but will also provide you with total peace of mind while your belongings are en route to your new home.

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Moving “LUMP SUM” Insurance Coverage

One easy method of taking out insurance is to take our “LUMP SUM” insurance coverage. Your insurance premium is determined by the volume that you ship.

Lump Sum Insurance Quick Calculator
The underwriters have agreed to insure shipments on a lump sum basis at USD 79 per ft3 = USD 2,765 per CBM
Volume of your moveUnderwriters replacement valueTotal insured value USDEstimated cost of premium USD
i.e. 300 cubic feetx USD 79 =$23,700$770
i.e. 8 cubic metresx USD 2,750 =$22,000$715

If you would prefer the valued inventory method of insuring your possessions then you can do so by using our insurance evaluation form, which we will send to your with you moving quote. In addition, Links Moving has arranged for 3 additional benefits to be automatically included at no extra charge.

  • Electrical & mechanical derangement
  • Pairs & sets
  • Mold & mildew coverage

Claims Handling

In the unfortunate event that there is some damage to your shipment and you need to make an insurance claim, we will assist you with the process. Typically, you will need to produce documented quotations from repairers or suppliers to substantiate your claim. You should also take photographs of the damage to assist with your claim.

For a copy of your Claim Form, please check here.

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