Welcome to Links Moving – trusted local & international Movers

Links Moving is an innovative and dynamic provider of highly personalized relocation services designed to meet the individual needs of our cosmopolitan client base.

We are an established moving business having started operations in Hong Kong prior to the handover in 1997. This was followed by our entry into China with our Shanghai office which is responsible for servicing Central and Eastern China, then our Beijing office which covers Northern China and finally our Guangzhou office responsible for servicing Southern China. We have since opened our Singapore office to expand our APAC capability.

Currently Links services over 7,500 international moves throughout the world each year. Links Moving has developed an excellent reputation as a moving company by satisfying the varying needs of our different clients and consistently exceeding their expectations. As a management-owned organization, we have focused on building the very best expertise in international relocations and committing all of our resources to delivering client satisfaction.

Our company is built on core values of integrity, honesty and trust which are an integral part of our culture and the way in which we do business.

Why Us?

At Links Moving we have developed our own corporate DNA, which is to be “smart”, in everything that we do. We apply this to all parts of the moving process, from costs of packing materials to destination partner selection. By being smart, we are able to offer you the best service levels.

Our Core Aims And Values:

  • Integrity, honesty and trust.
  • To maintain a reputation of excellence.
  • To always exceed customer’s expectations.
  • To encourage individual initiative and provide employees with the opportunity to develop to their full potential.
  • To constantly review our business practices and promote change where necessary.

Our People

Our business development team provide our key corporate accounts management throughout the term of the client partnership. Specifically, they identify client needs, plan and build relocation programs, devise quotations and manage costs, and work closely with our relocation consultants in creating added value programs.
The role of the senior moving consultant is to identify the personal requirements of our clients who are moving and help build individual move plans for each client (and their family). They remain in contact with the individual throughout the move process and establish a complete profile of every single person involved in the relocation process. They then use this information to create a company-wide move plan, built around the needs of the individual and aligned to your company’s move policy and business requirements.
Behind every move is a skilled, well-equipped, motivated packing team and behind them is our Operations Manager and he is central to the hundreds of successful moves we carry out each year. He is responsible for resourcing every move correctly, employing the very best packing crews in the business, creating and maintaining the training and standards programme, sourcing the best packing materials and ensuring that all our trucks are well equipped.
When it all comes down to a memorable and successful move, the people who are often most fondly remembered are our packing crews, who tirelessly pack and move your home. We only employ dedicated ‘home moving’ crews when moving individuals and families. Not only are they specifically trained in export packing, but they’re just very good at being exceptionally helpful. They just can’t help it and they won’t stop until the pack job’s finished and the customer is happy.
Our Customer Services, manage the overseas removal itself and each Senior Relocation Consultants has their own assigned Customer Service representative, making it a more focused move team, for your needs within our company. While other members of the team work closely with the client, our customer services work closely with the individuals moving. They guide the customer expertly through the move process, step by step, assisting with documentation and packing procedures, explaining the move programme, and dealing patiently and helpfully with every single question that comes their way (and there are many) and providing personal, one-to-one customer care throughout the move.