Automotive and car shipping services

Every time you move to a different place, have you tried considering bringing your vehicles too? Whether it’s a small vehicle or something bit big for your business? Moving your personal motorcycle or bike? We at Links Moving provides safe vehicle transport with insurance.

Our in-house consultant will walk you through and provide you with information the you’ll need. Learn more about the applicable car import customs, duties, and environmental provisions. Furthermore, we guarantee 100% customer service support on your delivery.  We will guide you from the initial step up to the delivery of your vehicle to your destination.

Importing cars to certain countries requires you to have owned and used your car for a pre-determined period of time. This varies depending on the importing country. Some common examples are:

  • Sending a car to Australia: keep in mid that you will need to have owned and used the car for twelve (12) months prior to import.
  • Sending a car to the United Kingdom: keep in mind that you will need to have owned and used the car for six (6) months prior to import.

Certain countries require import permits for vehicles. We can help you check the import permit requirements of the country you are planning to ship the vehicle to. Please make sure you obtain the import permit if it is required. Furthermore, the company won’t ship any vehicles without the necessary permits needed.