Moving Internationally by Air or Sea

Links Moving is the best international shipping agency. Our International Movers are experts in the world of moving, packing and logistics. They are also knowledgeable about the international rules and processes. We will not only provide you with qualified information on shipping and regulations. But we will also track the shipment of your household goods.

Services include packing, shipping, customs clearance and final delivery to your new home.

Links Moving has the systems, knowledge and international partnerships to make it happen.

This is what we do:

We arrange a free of charge survey at your home to lead you through the moving process. And then we develop a detailed plan for your move. You should plan 30-45min for this visit.

On the day of your move, our international movers and packers come to pack your possessions with the latest materials and techniques. Then our team will dismantle the large pieces of furniture, wrapped and carefully load with the correct labeling.

Once we load your shipment into an appropriately sized container. It will be sealed, weighed and the results will be advised to customs authorities and the shipping line.

Our customer service teams will review your shipping and customs clearance documents. Then we make sure everything is ready before we sent/ship to your destination.

Once we get the customs clearance, the container is collected and arrangements for delivery to your new home will be made. Upon delivery, we usually position the large pieces of furniture and unpack the unwrapped cartons (as requested) to flat surfaces.

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