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Moving International

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Links Moving are experts in the world of moving, packing and logistics as well as international rules and processes. We will not only provide you qualified information on shipping and regulations, but we will also reliably track your household goods shipment.

Movers and packers not "movers and shakers"

We are movers and packers here to take away your anxiety and make your move as stress free as possible. Whether you are moving high sentimental value items or, moving priceless artwork, we treat everything with great care. All your possessions are equally important to us. At Links Moving, we take great pride in how we do your move.

Moving your furniture

For export from Asia, we expertly wrap all furniture in grade A quality export packing materials. These include, tissue paper, bubble wrap, corner caps and corrugated cardboard sheets.

Moving art

Moving fragile art needs careful handling. We wrap paintings in specialty wax paper, and then pack them with foam or cardboard sheets inside custom made wooden crates. We are fully equipped to provide custom crating for all kinds of works of art.

Moving a piano

  • Upright pianos: we construct made-to-measure wooden crates to move upright pianos. In measuring the piano we allow enough room to wrap it in our furniture wrapping materials. The crates are lined with polystyrene for extra cushioning.
  • Grand pianos: We employ specialist piano experts to dismantle the legs and measure the piano for the made-to-measure crate. Ensuring they allow enough room to wrap the piano in export packing. Again, grand pianos are wrapped in our furniture packing materials and then placed into the polystyrene lined wooden crate. This is often done offsite at a specialist facility.

Moving LCD or plasma TV's

The best way to move an LCD or plasma TV is in its original box. If you haven’t kept the box, we can make a wooden crate to protect it for shipment.

Moving mirrors and glass table tops

We strongly recommend that mirrors and glass dining table tops are crated for shipment. Our crates are made-to-measure and lined with polystyrene to give maximum protection during transit.

Moving with Children

At Links Moving, we know how important it is for your children to settle into their new surroundings as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we have our own kiddy’s box, so you can pack their essentials (toys, clothes, shoes. We then air freight the box to your new destination to ensure that its arrival coincides with yours and your children can start to feel at home.

Moving Boxes

All of our boxes are made from AAA Quality Grade, 5 ply corrugated cardboard. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes carefully designed to give added protection to your possessions. We use:

  • Small boxes: for books, paperwork, photo frames and the like.
  • Medium boxes: for all-purpose use.
  • Large boxes: for crockery and kitchen items.
  • Flat Wardrobe boxes: to allow hanging clothes to lie comfortably during your move.
  • Hanging Wardrobe boxes: for garments that you prefer to be hung during transportation; helps to reduce creasing/wrinkling

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